Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage is a general term for a range of healing approaches involving the practice of kneading or manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues with the intent of improving a person’s well-being or health. A large percentage of our clients seek therapeutic massage to help them relax and clear their minds.

Relaxation Massage
All of our therapists are trained in relaxation massage. This type of massage is just as it sounds. It involves any combination of light, non-invasive strokes and kneading which allow our clients to experience a deep and soothing state of physical and emotional relaxation.

Relaxation massage is a smooth, continuous style of massage. This type of massage is known to improve circulation and range of movement, and to relieve muscular tension.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a great idea for athletes, and for anyone who is active on a regular basis. This type of massage combines different techniques to enhance sports performance and help athletes or active people recuperate.

Since rest and recovery is an important component of any training program, sports Massage is the perfect compliment to your current stretching program.

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery
Relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques may also be used during this type of treatment to encourage the body to heal. After a remedial or MVA treatment, your therapist will likely encourage you to do stretching and other exercises between sessions to promote recovery.
It’s important to understand how long a motor vehicle accident victim should wait before seeking treatment from a massage therapist. Check out our FAQ page for more information.


Massage: 30 mins – $55.00
Massage: 45 mins – $70.00
Massage: 60 mins – $85.00
Massage: 90 mins – $115.00


4 x 30 min Massages: – $200.00
4 x 45 min Massages: – $260.00
4 x 60 min Massages: – $320.00
4 x 90 min Massages: – $440.00

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