Hot Stone Massage is a form of massage therapy using smooth heated basalt stones. The heat from the stones is very therapeutic and allows the therapist to provide a deeper treatment without having to manipulate the muscles as vigorously as may be needed during a regular massage.

The use of cool marble stones may also be used to relieve inflammation in areas that have more tension. The cool stones can also be used on the face to help tone the muscles and awaken the body at the end of a treatment.

To our pregnant clients: We suggest that you not have a Hot Stone Massage at any time throughout your pregnancy. The heat from the stones raises the body temperature and blood pressure too much. Hot Stone Massages are not recommended while pregnant.


Hot Stone Massage: 60 mins – $100.00
Hot Stone Massage: 90 mins – $130.00


4 x 60 min Hot Stone Massages: – $360.00
4 x 90 min Hot Stone Massages: – $480.00

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