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Whether you are coming in to relax and unwind, release unwanted tension, recover from an injury or car accident, improve sleep, prevent injury, improve your mood, manage chronic pain or just simply to feel better, you have come to the right place!

Our highly trained staff of both doctors and registered massage therapists can help!

Our goal is to not only provide effective treatments but to also educate and empower you to prioritize your health, from the inside out.

Take time for yourself and your body, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary!


Are you curious about Naturopathic Medicine and how it could help you?

Do you want to feel your best, from the inside out? Have you been putting off booking that first appointment?

Don’t wait any longer, now is the perfect time! Book your Naturopahic Intake (up to 90 minutes) during the month of May at Country Hills Massage with Dr. Shannon

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That’s a savings of $39 for an adult intake
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